Terms and Conditions of Coaching and Professional Development

Meeting: A Meeting may be carried out over the phone or in person at mutually agreed places and times during the hours of 8am-6pm, Monday-Friday.  Coach will come to the agreed location if an in person meeting is requested.


Duration of Meetings: A Meeting will take place weekly for approximately 50 minutes per week throughout the minimum twelve week period or at such other times as is agreed to during the Period.  Coachee must be on time for all sessions whether these take place using the phone or in person.  Typically meetings will be scheduled to take place three out of four weeks on a monthly basis with email/phone calls in between as needed.  There is no additional charge for email/phone time.  Phone calls will be limited to focused and efficient coaching, no more than 15minutes.  All emails and phone calls if not previously scheduled will be responded to within 24 hours.


Meeting Times: Coachee may only change times for the coaching meeting if Coachee gives at least 24 hours notice. Coachee is responsible for making all attempts to reach Coach via phone and email.  If Coachee cancels more than three sessions during the Period, or is more than 15 minutes late consistently, then Coach may terminate this agreement on notice to Coachee (and the provisions below relating to termination shall apply).  A coaching meeting may be deemed to have taken place if less than 24 hours notice is given and/or if the meeting is delayed by more than 15 minutes with no notification.  If the Coach cancels a Meeting then the Meeting will be rescheduled at an agreed upon time.


Engagement of Coach: The Coach shall arrange to provide coaching to Coachee during the Period at mutually agreed times and places.  The Coach shall use her best endeavors to make herself available for the entire Period.  At the Coach’s discretion, she may arrange for a substitute duly qualified coach to replace her for all or any of the Meeting if the Coach is unavailable for all or part of the Period, and such coach shall thereafter be deemed to be the Coach  for the purposes of this agreement.


Coaching Payment Arrangement: All checks should be made payable to Sounding Board 4 Life, LLC and sent to above listed address.  Fifty percent is payable in advance of Meeting 1 and the remaining fifty percent is payable on or before Meeting 5 for a 12 meeting package.  Packages of greater duration, Fifty percent is payable in advance of Meeting 1 and the remaining balance will be due on or before each 6th meeting thereafter.  Coachee or Sponsor will receive an invoice for each payment period.


Professional Development Payment Arrangement: All checks should be made payable to Sounding Board 4 Life, LLC and sent to above listed address. All payments are due in advance of a project.


Preparation for Coaching Meetings: Coaching is an exciting personal journey of growth and development.  However, coaching will only be as valuable as you the Coachee make it.  Coachee must make every reasonable effort to perform all actions/activities required prior to the first Meeting and also carry out all actions/activities in preparation for future Meetings as determined and agreed to by Coachee and Coach.  Coachee must advise Coach as soon as Coachee becomes aware that such requests will not or cannot be performed.  If Coachee does not carry out the agreed upon actions/activities, then this agreement shall be terminable by SB4L (and the provisions below relating to terminations shall apply).


Coaching Methods: Coachee and/or Sponsor acknowledge that the Coaching Meetings may be personally, emotionally and physically challenging and that there may be occasions in which the Coachee may feel emotional challenges — including frustration, annoyance, and/or stress.  It is important to make all efforts to schedule all Meetings at such times to ensure your peak physical, mental and emotional state  necessary for the conduct of the Meeting and shall (If necessary) take all steps to cancel any Meeting in the event that Coachee is not well enough to continue.  Coachee and/or Sponsor agrees that each will not hold SB4L liable for any loss or cost incurred by Coachee (or any person related to Coachee) in the event of mental, physical, emotional stress or distress (or other ailment or condition) caused either directly or indirectly in relation to the Coaching Meetings. Coachee and/or Sponsor shall indemnify SB4L in the event of any such claim.


No Warranties Given: The Coach makes no representation or warranty to Coachee and/or Sponsor that any of the Coaching Methods or Meetings will work for your particular circumstances. Coachee and/or Sponsor will not hold SB4L responsible for the failure (in whole or part) to achieve any of your goals.


Intellectual Property Rights: Coachee and/or Sponsor shall have no right to use or reproduce any of the processes, techniques, presentation, methodologies, precedents and materials used by SB4L in the Coaching activities or Professional Development work (“Materials”).  Coachee must not at any time use or reproduce the Materials in any manner, shape or form (except for your own personal use) and shall ensure that none of your agents or any related bodies incorporate, use or reproduce the Materials in any manner, shape or form.  Coachee shall indemnify and keep SB4L indemnified in respect of any loss or damage caused or sustained by SB4L in the event of a breach of this paragraph.  Any and all Materials will be unencumbered by ownership by another party and that the use of such Materials will be at no additional charge to the Coachee.


Confidential Material: As part of the Coaching process, SB4L may obtain personal details or confidential material related to Coachee personally. SB4L shall use all reasonable endeavors to ensure that such materials shall not be disclosed to any third party without Coachee’s consent.  Confidential information is only released to Sponsor as requested by Coachee or agreed to prior to engagement start date.


SB4L is Independent Contractor: Coachee and/or Sponsor acknowledge that SB4L has been engaged solely as an Independent contractor.  SB4L acts at all times as an Independent contractor and has no authority to bind or represent any other party in any way.  Coachee and/or Sponsor shall not hold any party liable for any act matter or thing done or to be done by SB4L in the course of the Coaching or the Meetings or Professional Development work.


Termination of Agreement:

The Coach may terminate this Agreement before the end of the Period on written notice to Coachee if:


a. Coachee fail to perform or observe any of the terms of this Agreement and fails to remedy such breach within 5 business days of notice from SB4L to remedy such failure; or

b. Coachee fails to perform any term of this Agreement which is incapable of remedy; or

c. An insolvency event occurs in relation to Coachee or Sponsor (for example, Coachee or Sponsor becomes bankrupt or some arrangement or court order is made or proposed in relation to all or any of Coachee or Sponsors assets); or

d. Any check drawn or endorsed by Coachee or Sponsor for the purposes of this Agreement has been dishonored and Coachee or Sponsor fails to honor such check within 5 working days of a notice from SB4L to honor the said check.


Coachee or Sponsor may terminate this Agreement before the end of the Period if the matters referred to in paragraphs (a) and (b) above are applicable to SB4L.



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