Do What is Right...

January 23, 2017

" The time is always right to do what is right." - Martin Luther King Jr.


Powerful words too few live by. I typically do not engage in political banter but the last few days have been a bit of insanity, reflection, motivation, sadness, hope, anger, and resolve! Doing what is right...I hope will enter the fray.


I personally support anyone and their right to voice their opinion. Freedom of speech is paramount to our way of life in The United States of matter your political stance and feelings regarding the outcome of our attack a child is a new all time low in this movie that is our lives. A 10 year old boy is portrayed online by mocking, insults, and truly disgusting words. This child...who is unable to defend himself and hopefully blissfully unaware of the disgusting comments made by some. I support his mother and father... if for no other reason than they deserve the right to shield their son!! They are parents first and everything else second!


In the world we live in today in which individuals can hide behind the anonymity of technology or better yet use no filter or edit button as they tweet, text, vlog, email, etc. out their latest and greatest thoughts...I truly hope that they never experience being attacked by strangers or having their child being attacked. My personal belief is an unwavering commitment to everyone's equal matter who, what, how, where, when...BUT hurting children...attacking , bullying, making fun of a child is beyond what should be tolerated or is acceptable. That type of behavior makes me personally disgusted and I believe is for cowards. Say what you will if you must about an adult, a topic, a politician, an organization, etc., etc....but please take a breath...hit pause...edit...take a something far more constructive with your time and energy than attack a child!


- Alison Flynn Gaffney


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