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September 1, 2016

" Networking is simply the cultivating of mutually beneficial, give and take, win-win relationships. It works best however, when emphasizing the "give" part." - Bob Burg


I love this quote because it is simple and direct with a great message behind it. A simple hello can lead to the greatest of things...professionally and personally.


Networking is quite a buzz term in the professional world and has even trickled to younger emerging professionals...students have learned that they MUST network to get ahead...to have an opportunity to advance. Building and growing relationships is a key piece to professional growth and personal happiness.


Relationships start with a simple hello and perhaps a handshake. Where the relationship goes beyond that is up to the individuals. Doing for others with out expecting something tangible in return in my opinion is a great starting point. I have lived for a few decades and learned enough to know that going into a relationship business or professional with a false sense or set of expectations can be disastrous... yet unless contractually required...having an open mind and a more altruistic view can lead to the greatest rewards.


The cliché of walking into a room and introducing yourself to at least one new person is great advice and not cliché in my mind. No matter the setting...a business conference, your first day at school, a wedding, your child's sporting event...introduce yourself! Your gesture could have not only a great impact on you but also on the other individual.


It is a must if you are currently looking for new opportunities. Beyond the resume and qualifications...people gravitate toward people they know, respect, trust, or admire.


Get out and shake some hands this holiday weekend!


Anything is possible!





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