Do I really need a resume in 2016?

August 8, 2016

Yes...yes you do!


A resume is still the most utilized tool today regarding obtaining interviews for open positions regardless of your professional level. A resume does not get you the gets you the opportunity to be considered for the job and having  great one should be at the top of your checklist when conducting a job search!


Over the years I have seen many, many resumes. Some great ones and some not so great ones. A resume is your brand...sometimes the first encounter someone has with should be an honest and well written reflection of who you are and what you have accomplished. I should read it and want to meet you!


A few tips to share as you create, or edit your resume. You might think some are obvious and are nothing new but trust me I have seen it all.


Tip # 1+: Make sure that your contact information is up to date on your resume and that your name and email appear on each page...pages can get lost and you do not want someone else to get attached to your resume or vice versa. PLEASE use personal email and cell phone as contact is not appropriate to use your work contact information. Emails should be professional...not your personal Hotmail account from years ago that says kitkat22 or yanksfan07.


Tip #2+: After each bullet...ask yourself "so what?"...that is what a recruiter or potential employer will ask. You can use this activity as a way to edit your resume to showcase only the key accomplishments as well as to help you prepare the answers to the questions when asked. My advice is no more than 4 bullets per position...if a resume is too wordy or long it will not be read.


Tip #3+: Always, always have someone else read your resume!! There is no excuse for typos or formatting issues or sentences that do not make sense! I have seen this over and over...from emerging professionals to seasoned senior executives! I myself have done it being to hasty in my own review-not good! I learned the first time and have spread the word since! It seems simple I know but it really does matter!


Lastly...always have your resume updated and ready to never know when you might need to send it to someone you meet in passing on a plane, train, or at a conference! The opening to the next opportunity can happen when you least expect it!


Anything is possible!




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