Summer it fine?

July 25, 2016

I often get asked the question..."Can I find a job in the summer?"


Over the course of my personal career I have had more opportunities arise during the months of May-August then perhaps any other time during the year. While it is not...a breeze...summer can be time when companies are reviewing either their new budget year or preparing for their upcoming budget year and that means opportunity!


Many folks often choose to change positions right before the summer. So they can take some time off before starting their new chapter, or they have kids still in school and use the summer months as a transition period before a new school year begins in August/September. Therefore companies also often have "unexpected" openings during the summer months due to employee departure. This happens at every level - entry to c-suite.


My advice is to always remember that conducting a job search is a job in itself. Doing that during the summer can be a challenge as many of us want to take time to relax and enjoy our family and friends. I recommend devoting between 5-10 hours per week if you are currently employed and much more than that if unemployed. Today there are numerous ways to find new jobs or have companies find you! Networking is my #1 suggestion ALWAYS and supplement that by having a robust and accurate #LinkedIn page that mirrors your resume and highlights your value.


Be active on Linked In and other social media portals...but...remember to self edit and keep your accounts private if there is any chance that your posts or personal commentary could impact your professional career brand in a negative way. I am judging no one...just offering counsel based on years of experience. When I was starting out in my career I did not have to manage or navigate the 24/7/365 social media cycle. Today...everyone has to!


Best of luck in your search!


Remember...anything is possible!





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