Finding hope...along with Finding Dory!

June 17, 2016


It has been a rough week in the USA with horrific acts of terrorism and senseless loss of life and tragedy. I have been a bit shocked into silence this week because I just wasn't sure how I felt about a lot and what was worth saying.


I took my young step-son to see the early bird showing of Finding Dory earlier today and it was in those hours of pure joy...laughing with him and seeing the sheer glee on his face during many parts of the movie along with witnessing his range of emotions during other parts and his ever expanding capacity for love...I realized that hope is a strong message within the movie and how through a child's eyes and heart it is an emotion that never dissipates!


As we get older and reality kicks in...we loose some of that hope. It is a shame. Nothing in life can truly be controlled or guaranteed to us... not living...not the promotion...or opportunity.


What we can control is our actions and our thoughts. How do we handle the really bad stuff? How do we treat people? When do we just stop and take a breath and show gratitude? Or help someone for no reason? It can be so complicated in real life. In times of tragedy most human beings respond positively which gives me a lot of hope but our world politicizes or sensationalizes everything. Everyone has an opinion or comment regardless of how those words can impact others.


The words..."just keep swimming"... seem almost too simple given the realities of life but what struck me today is simple is what I needed...I think what many of us need. The characters in the movie Finding Dory never give up...they aren't always perfect or accepting of one another but they do their best to love and have hope.


Professionally....personally...we all need to keep moving forward and more days than not...keep it love and as Dory says..."just keep swimming"!!

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