Let your fingers do the dialing...not the texting!

 "The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place." - George Bernard Shaw


I read this quote over and over to remind myself how true it is and how I can communicate better as a person, a wife, step-mom, friend, and a leader. 


Today so much communication is done via email or texting  and I often find myself communicating in "txt" speak in business emails and I have to correct myself. I also have on many occasions emailed a colleague who was either in the office next to me or down the hall versus picking up the phone or walking to chat with them! I have texted my husband from upstairs in our home when he was just downstairs...not good!


I challenge myself before I challenge others...pick up the phone...use your voice! Have a real in-person conversation!


Although technology has made us more efficient on many levels...I do believe that a lot of drama and wasted time occurs by having major topic conversations via email or text. SO much can get misconstrued...people infer what the other(s) mean and make assumptions. People also make a judgement that once the email or text was sent that means the communication was actually received...and how it was intended must have been understood by the recipient. Many, many times that is not the case. Do not let yourself get bogged down in emails and texts when the issue at hand can most likely be solved or put on a quicker road to resolution by speaking versus typing!!


Become known as the person who takes the time to actually communicate genuinely...not the person who is CYA'ing and writing missives or blowing off important issues with a "K" as the response!


My experience and conversations with friends and colleagues across industries has me advocating for us all to use our voices more. 100% success cannot be guaranteed ...but... I do believe by doing so one can actually can save time and reduce the occurrences of miscommunicating tremendously!


Anything is possible!




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