I say live in the grey...not the black and white!

So many things in our personal and professional lives seem to be black or white.


Everyone has an opinion. Everyone thinks their life is more challenging than others...and in some cases that can actually be true...but...in many cases it is not and we can be our own worst enemy!


At times we feel there is only one answer to solve a challenge. We see the choices we make as being limited by others or our own personal experiences. The answer is either A or B and that is that.


Well, I say what about the GREY?


Living in an environment of black or white is not particularly helpful based on my experience and from what I have learned over the years speaking with and coaching individuals and teams. One party is happy and the other less so. Yes, decisions must be made and can be yes or no answers...but when we only focus on one way and don't allow for additional thoughts, points of view, or other details I believe we limit ourselves in our decision making capacity and create outcomes that might not always be the right ones.


Living in the grey opens up the options and can also reduce stress and emotional discourse because typically a more collaborative environment is created...even if with only your inner voice or one other person! The goal of living in the grey is not to become stagnate because of too many options, opinions, etc...but to become less rigid, more self aware, and increasingly open to alternate solutions.


As a new month begins try to focus on living in the grey...take a breath, really listen, gather information, and see if a decision in front of you has other options that can create the BEST outcome!




Remember...anything is possible!


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