Whether for an individual or an organization ideally, the initial coaching meeting will take place face-to-face to establish a solid bond which can then be complemented throughout the engagement via additional face-to-face meetings, telephone meetings, Skype or FaceTime, and email support. We know life can get pretty busy and distance sometimes poses a barrier, and so we always tailor our coaching engagement to meet your needs. This is an investment and we know first hand it will require time, energy and focus. As our client, you'll meet us half way by committing to the process and in return we'll guide you to the next level. 


An individual or sponsoring employer can expect that 4-6 hours per month will be devoted to the coaching process on average. Work shadowing, meetings with colleagues, leadership and staff are also available as part of a coaching engagement and would require an additional time commitment.
Once your or the teams goal(s) have been established, strengths, potential barriers and challenges are identified and discussed. We provide honest and sincere feedback to help throughout the course of the engagement. We also utilize various tools to help you and/or team members become expert at identifying what the next steps are toward achieving goal(s). At no point will we tell individuals or teams what to do, as we strongly believe that is the opposite of coaching. Coaching does not demand or pontificate one toward action, no one would never feel ownership of an achievement in that environment. Instead we help leverage strengths, providing support and encouragement, listening, and helping enhance the ability to self-reflect, think strategically, identify opportunities, and motivate all to move forward.


Depending on identified goals, coaching packages range from 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or longer. With an average of 2-3, 50 minute meetings taking place on a monthly basis. Unlimited email support is included with all coaching engagements, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm MST. This allows for ongoing support, perspective and feedback throughout the week. Phone support for time sensitive issues is also included.


Much of our professional development offerings can be done via telephone meetings, Skype or FaceTime and email. Sounding Board 4 Life will work with you to enhance your brand whether by retooling your resume or assisting you in elevating your professional image or skills.





Your resume is the first document summarizing your educational and experiential background that a potential employer sees. It usually provides the first opportunity for you to market yourself. However, it can be the beginning of the end if not handled correctly. The goal of your resume is to attain interviews, which will hopefully lead to job offers – when was the last time you even looked at your resume? Do you even have a resume? Has your current resume been getting little to no response? Sounding Board 4 Life will assist you in creating a new resume that highlights you and your expertise in the best way to get you noticed!





You have one chance to make that important professional connection. How do you present you? Are you shy? Are you aware of your body language? Are you prepared for the plethora of “interview formats”: telephone, Skype/FaceTime, panel, multi-round, solo, or c-suite? What should you never ask during an interview? What attire should you wear? When should you arrive? You can look great on paper but are you getting offers after the interview? Sounding Board 4 Life will conduct mock interviews with you to identify your interviewing road blocks and also share insights gleaned from over two decades of real work experience that will be invaluable to you as you navigate the marketplace!





So you can write…but can you speak? Does your delivery “sparkle”? How is your diction? How many times do you say um? Bad speaking habits can kill a presentation within the first 2 minutes. Effective verbal communication is an integral part of success and professional growth. How do you keep your audience interested? What should you wear? Should you hold anything? How about those slides…if you can’t read them…neither can the audiences. What happens if the AV goes out? How can you relax? Is it true everyone is always nervous? Sounding Board 4 Life will work with you or your team in advance of your next presentation to deliver the best presentation geared toward achieving your desired outcomes.





In today’s professional environment everyone must to do more with less time. The mantra is all about efficiency and effectiveness. Neither you nor your organization can afford to waste one minute of time and maintain a competitive edge. Learn how to set priorities and actually stick to the plan, create movement in a non-functioning team and be the catalyst for success. Sounding Board 4 Life will work with you or your team to reestablish priorities, create realistic timelines, remove barriers to success, and accomplish goals!





Strategic Advisory Services are available and conducted by our CEO & Founder, Alison Flynn Gaffney. Alison brings over two decades of strategy, operations, financial, supply chain, organizational development, and performance improvement experience within the healthcare, higher-education, and management consulting industries that will help companies navigate the competitive path ahead and achieve greater success. Alison can assist the board, c-suite, senior executives, and their teams by assessing the current state of their challenges and identifying opportunities, enhancing vision, developing strategies, and implementing actionable items which can then be measured for sustainable results. Alison has a seasoned ability to educate, unite, and motivate individuals and teams toward goal achievement. She is able to work in concert with our clients blending the right solutions with their culture for maximum success. Alison has consulted with hundreds of clients in the U.S and around the globe throughout her career delivering high-quality results.



With all of our services it's important to remember results depend on commitment level, viewpoint, and goals. To create long-term changes in behavior and outcomes, it's important for the client or organization to be fully vested in the process and make it a priority.


If you are interested in Sounding Board 4 Life regarding career coaching, professional development, or strategic advisory services for yourself or your organization, and would like to discuss further, contact us for a FREE 50-minute consultation. Please allow 24 hour response time Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm (MST).

“It's never too late to be what you might have been”

- George Eliot


I have had many people read and help "design" my resume over the years. Until now, I have at best, limited results. Once I was introduced to Alison Flynn, Founder of Sounding Board 4 Life, LLC my career search stepped into high gear! The questions she asked were great and she had a brilliant interpretation of my career experience. Alison helped to create a resume and cover letter that I am proud to present. My opinion is simply this; Sounding Board 4 Life, LLC really means true empowerment and creates a level of confidence unparalleled by any organization of its type. I am VERY pleased to say I have just been offered a GREAT job that entirely fits me and I start tomorrow! My life is looking up. Thanks to Alison and her wonderful company, my life has truly changed!"

New Job Seeker


I can count on Alison Flynn for her down-to-earth perspective, sound strategic suggestions, and supportive ear in resolving work conflict, planning the next big step or jump starting creativity. Her experience and passion for nurturing talent is an exceptional resource in a harried office life.

Public Relations Executive


Sounding Board 4 Life, LLC has helped me to achieve goals of enhanced growth and confidence throughout my business and personal life. Alison’s no-nonsense approach, articulate voice, vast experience and ability to simplify issues into manageable thoughts make her worth every penny! I will always utilize her as a "sounding board" when I need outside motivation or an honest opinion.

President of SE, Inc.


Alison has the ability to lead and inspire others. In goal setting, the goal you set must be challenging. At the same time, it should be realistic and attainable, not impossible to reach. Goals should be challenging enough to make you stretch, but not so far that you break. Alison challenges others to set and reach their utmost potential through the achievement of their personal and team goals. Her coaching abilities intersect for experienced staff and of those whom are less tenured, providing significant value and personal coaching to each individual. Seeing her in action is truly remarkable.

Senior Consultant


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